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Thanks for the GREAT concert! You really got those kids involved – they LOVED IT! We could not have had a better person come to culminate our fun-filled day. Kudos to you . . .
Mucho Gracias,
Ellen, Teacher


“I also understand you are to thank for bringing Tom Pease here today. What fun! Thank you for initiating that. The kids loved it and the teachers had a blast!” – Parent


Tom, my kids are now in college, but we have many fond memories of you entertaining them, including one especially memorable trip to Colorado where we sang “Many Cows” many, many times! :-)

So not only was it wonderful to see you again, entertaining our little darlings here at Traeger, but I was just in awe to see you driving a Prius besides! Thank you! We have an Insight, and just don’t understand why so many people feel they need an Expedition to drive to work. Isn’t there a song here somewhere?
Margy, Teacher

I have recommended your cd’s to fellow kindergarten teachers across the country! I hope you will update your homepage soon with ordering info!
A fan forever : )
Cindy, Teacher


I’ve been a fan of yours for over 20 years. After you came to the Menasha public library (where I was youth librarian) my preschool daughter and I went to many more of your concerts. You’ve also appeared at the school I’m at now (Taft School). My
grandson is now almost four and I’d love him to see you in concert. Are you appearing anywhere in the Fox Valley this summer?

Also, I’d love to buy your Celebrate CD. How can I get it? I hope all is well with you and your family – they must be all grown
up now.
Tina, Librarian


Dear Tom,
Thank you SO much for coming to our school. My kindergarten class REALLY enjoyed the show; in case you didn’t notice! :) You are quite a performer to keep all those different aged kids (and adults) involved for over an hour!

It was just precious to see the looks on my kindergartners faces when they realized that YOU… the person they’ve been hearing sing songs in the music room when Mrs. Bodoh played your tapes/CDs… was actually HERE in person!

And, if you remember, they didn’t want you to leave when the show was over… when you said you were out of time, and my little guy showed you his watch and told you, “I’ve got the time.” I couldn’t stop laughing about that one all day!

I hear you’re going to make a copy of the “Moving on to First Grade” song for our music teacher, Vaneva Bodoh. May I have your permission to play that song at our Kindergarten Graduation ceremony for the kids to perform for their families?

Thank you again for your WONDERFUL performance!

Cathy, Teacher


Thanks for a great show!!! The kids loved it, and it energized me as well! The only problem was my own children who to go to school in E.R. didn’t get to see you, I didn’t even tell them you came or they would be so sad!!! I have to tell you a funny story. My daughter thought your song “The Little Red Hen” was about her, because she is a “little red head” and she thought that is what you were singing!
Thanks for all your great songs!!
Nanci Foster (Kindergarten Teacher)


My name is Laura, I grew up in Brookfield Wisconsin and listened to your Boogie Boogie Boogie tape almost every single day of my childhood. I’m now a college student at Ohio State, and I met someone who grew up in Stevens Point, WI who also grew up to your music. We’re listening to your music right now, so you can know that you even have college student fans all the way in Ohio. THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME!!!!! – Laura and Wade



My name is Lori, and I grew up in Wisconsin. When I was younger, my
family saw you at the Green Lake Public Library. I now live in Pittsburgh,
but have always remembered you, and have mentioned you before to my

Well, I have a 3 yr old son now, and I was so pleased that he received the
“Celebrate” CD for Christmas from his Uncle (my family still lives in
Wisconsin). He absolutely loves it, and sings along with all of the songs.
He especially likes the purple cow verse in “Rainbow ‘Round Me”, and when
the house explodes in “Always Room for Just One More”. I hope to be able
to find your other CD’s for him soon. I also have a son due in June, and
can’t wait to share the CD with him, too! I am going to share the CD with
my sister-in-law, who teaches elementary music, to use in her class.

I just wanted to thank you for continuing to make music for the kids, and
let you know you had fans in Pittsburgh, too!. Hopefully someday we can
manage to see one of your shows on a trip home.


Hi Tom!
We recently saw you perform at Monroe elementary school in Cedar Rapids, Ia. I don’t know if you remember us, but my son, Simon, is the one who sang Zaminamina with you. (That was like the greatest night of his life by the way – ha). I was wondering if you performed for children’s birthday parties? Simon will be 7 in September, and I was thinking of seeing if I could afford you! (If you even do that type of thing).
I know September is a long ways off, but I wanted to ask early.
Thanks SO much!!
Kristin, Parent


Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your wonderful performance. Everyone loved you!! You are without a doubt, the best. Thanks for teaching through music and actions. What really showed through was your kindness and how you can change the world, one audience at a time.
Until we see you again, our sincere appreciation,
Dorothy, Teacher


Hi Tom,
I just wanted to thank you again for the terrific performance you gave at Martin Luther School. The students were singing “Love Grows” as they were going home last Friday. This week we had a three day week and when we were waiting to close with prayer on Wednesday, a few kids broke into that song again. You continue to impact children. What a rewarding life!!
God bless,


My name is Sarah. I’ve seen you perform 3 times thought out my lifetime. I have a copy of Boogie! Boogie! Boogie! but lost the other two my mother bought me when I was young. I have a child of my own now and was wondering if you are doing any more shows around the northwest area of Wisconsin or in the northeastern area of Minnesota? I would love for my daughter Kaeley to see one of you shows sometime, if you still do them. Thank you for the great music and for your time.


Dear Tom,

My children saw you perform at Kids in the Rotunda and have not stopped asking when they can see that “silly guy” that sang about the “belly buttons” again. Do you have a schedule of performances??


Hi Tom,
Thank you sending that out to me. I would like the cd. We have the cassette tape at our home, but right now we are living next to Children’s Hospital. Our 6 year old son was diagnosed with brain cancer 13 months ago and since then he has had 7 surgeries and 6 months of chemotherapy. That is why I am getting your c.d. We have been playing familiar music to James so that it might awaken some parts of his brain. Before diagnosis, James was a regular feisty 5 year old, and he loved dancing around to music- one of his favorites was your boogie, boogie, boogie album. Thank you for the fun and creative music!


. My kids and I saw you several times in Wausau in the 80’s, and still listen to your tapes – it’s great traveling music! We think everyone should know who you, and are wondering if you would be interested in performing at our carnival.
Thanks –


Mr. Pease,

Years back my children and I saw your wonderful performances in Marshfield.
At that time we purchased a number of your cassette tapes. I would like to
now purchase those CDs for my nephew’s 2nd birthday next month.

Could you please inform me as to where I might be able to purchase them and
what the cost would be. The ones I am interested in are the following:

Boogie Boogie
I’m Gonna Reach

Thank you for your time and assistance.



Thank you so very much for the CD’s! It is so wonderful to hear the songs again. It is so neat how I haven’t heard these songs for almost 20 years, yet I still know every word! I am so excited to give the others as gifts as I know they will love it as much as I do! I am sorry that it has taken me this long to thank you. I will send a check out to you on either Monday or Tuesday. Thank you so much for your work in getting these to me! I greatly appreciate your kindness to a fan!


Dear Mr. Pease, > > When I was very young, probably about 20 years ago, you came and played at my elementary school (Cataract, WI). You had left a tape of your music at our library. Between my sister, my mother and I, we had that tape constantly checked out (and worn out) and to this day we remember and sing your songs. I cannot tell you how much it would mean to all of us if I could get a few copies of this certain tape/CD. I am not sure of the name of this but a few of the songs on it were: Monster in the Closet; Alive, Alive Ho; and Garbage. Do you know which of your albums this is by any chance do you still have this tape/CD in release and if so could I please buy 3 copies of it from you? I cannot tell you how meaningful of a Christmas gift this would be for them. We are going through some very tough family times and I know that this will bring us closer together. Thank you so much!


Dear Tom,
My name is Sari. I go to camp at Chippewa and have been to many of your concerts there. I love them! They are so much fun! I was wondering if i could get a CD from you, but I’m not sure what i want. Please write back, if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


FYI–Annette thinks we’re friends, though that’s not quite right. Anyway, the CD evidently was a big hit. :)
You are so generous, Susan!
Wow- we received the C.D. in the mail a couple days ago and what a great surprise. We had the kids in the car with us on Sat. and so we played it for the first time. What a fun and cool C.D!! Rose was moving her head and feet to the beat and we all had so much fun listening to it. This is definitely what I love to play for the kids and enjoy myself- it’s so upbeat and positive. (Something you don’t find in today’s society). You’re friend is so talented with music. Both Josh and I loved the harmony with the voices and all the many instruments and the lyrics made us smile and chuckle.;)
You’re so very sweet and we just love you for it!:)
Thanks again for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!!
Love you, annette
p.s. I’m bragging to everyone about the C.D.
p.p.s. If you have your friends email address, could you send this letter to him. I’m such a huge fan!!


Hi! (its TAYLOR SCHROEDER.) Do you feel good? ( I DO!) I like the song
# 7& # 10. # 7: ” Be Bananas. ”
# 10: “Mi Cuerpo”
Parker Schroeder is a good singer!!
[ Parker is my little brother]
Were do you live?!!? Tell me !

I want to thank you for your visit, your advice, your company but, most of all, for your CDs. I put Wobbi-do-Wop on for Matthew, my almost-eight-year-old, and he was smitten! He especially likes Pancakes and Walk A Mile, he even said I should wrap it up and give it to him for Christmas. So, if you hear of anything or anyone that may be helpful to know about, please pass it on, and I will do the same.
Happy singing,


Mr Pease,
My name is Kelly . My son, Taylor  is a second grader at Greenville Elementary. Although Taylor likes music very much he would never sing. Even when he was very little he would not sing. In music class at school he will not sing. The other day you did a performance at Greenville Elementary. Ever since then Taylor has been singing constantly!!! It is like he is a whole different person. He has been singing “Eight Hugs a Day” and something about “…there is a dog in the school…” (I am sure you know what that is all about) Last night he was even singing along to a Ford truck commercial in full singing voice!!
Thank You for your inspiration. You have definetly planted a seed. I would like to get one of your cd’s for Taylor. Where can I get one?
Thank you soooo much!!



As a teacher (and Stevens Point native) I have been a fan for quite some
time. I used to teach at Lincoln Elementary here in Appleton and always
looked forward to our annual”Pizza with Pease” event. Now that I have an 18
month old who loves to listen to your music while we drive in the car I’m
dying to take her to her first live performance of yours. When will you be
in the Appleton Area next? I know you were at the public library this
summer but we missed you!   Thanks for all that you do!

Meghan,  Teacher
Appleton, WI


We so enjoyed meeting you at the fall harvest dance,
and the kids adore your CDs. Lexi (our 2 year old)
walks through the house saying “fuba wuba, fuba wuba,
fuba wuba” daily. She and Ryan have both picked their
favorite songs on your CDs and we get to listen to
them every day. (You are in very good company. “ABBA’s
greatest hits” is the only other CD the kids insist
listening to regularly.) Again, thank you so much for
the CDs. The kids have written you a thank you note
which has been sitting on our kitchen table since the
day after we returned from Manitowish.

Thanks for coming to Wausau and playing for OctoBIRDfest. You always draw the biggest crowds and everyone had a great time. Thanks also for showing me your new hybrid Toyota. Wow! What a car. I told Jeana all about it. Who knows, perhaps we will get one for ourselves one day.


Mr. Pease:

I would just like to say thank you. We attended Ozaukee School Monday night. I just have to say that was the best time I ever had up at school. My children (3 & 8) had so much fun. Daddy had fun too up on stage. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You,
Michele, Parent


Hi Tom,
I hope you’re having a great day! My family is looking forward to seeing you perform on September 20th. We always enjoy your show. I’d like you to know that I still find myself doing impersonations of all types of lawn sprinklers. Do you think this is something that I should talk to a professional about? I talked to the people at the elementary school office here and they said that they would try to call you back. In fact, you probably already heard from them…
Take care! We hope to see you on the 20th.
Mike, Parent


Just rented your Wobbi-do-Wop! CD from the library and the kids and I love it. Needless to say I will be buying it soon and I can’t wait to hear the others. Both of my boys love music. The songs are fun for the toddler to dance and sing to, yet soothing for the baby. And more importantly, they are good non annoying songs that don’t grate on your nerves like 70% of children’s CDs. I can actually listen to it several times a day. Visiting your website I discovered that you are a fellow Wisconsinite. You have to let us know if and when you will be performing in the Madison or Sheboygan area so that we can come. Thanks for being such a great artist and sharing your gift with us.
Jodi, Parent


Hi Tom – I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed you at the Shawano Folk Festival this weekend and thank you for helping to create more warm music memories for my boys, Adam and John. They have enjoyed, or should I say, we have enjoyed your music and presence since they were small children when you would come to our end of the woods and visit us at Advocates or somewhere else in the area. They are now getting to the age where it isn’t always “cool” to be expressive in this way : ( , but I did see them break out a bit!!
It was so much fun! Thanks for your wonderful spirit and for the sharing of it!!
Please tell Louise that it was fun to dance next to her in the African dance session. She helped me with some steps that I wasn’t getting. She was so good! My African dancing muscles were talking to me yesterday!!
Take care and until our paths cross again I wish you lots of light and love.
Katy, John, and Adam



You were one of my heroes as a child! Do you have any more monsters in the closet tapes? My sister and I still fight over it, and listen to it in our cars regularly. I am 26 and she is 23…and also she is having a baby, so I would love to get a fresh tape for her….I would purchase two if you have them!
Thank you!!!!!!


Hi Tom, well folks are still talking about how great your performance was in Kaukauna.
I have a few requests from those kindergarten teachers for the song Movin on to 1st grade.
I thought it would be on the CD’s we have but it isn’t.
Do you have a CD that it is on that I could purchase for these fine folks. Just tell me how much yada yada.
You are great


Dear Tom,

I was at a workshop in Wausau a year ago and heard you perform/present. I use your music all the time in my preschool classroom – the children love it and are always coming up with new, interesting verses and twists on your songs.
Thank you,


We saw you at the MREA fair and had a blast with your great music and attitude! Thanks! We are wondering if you ever perform in Green Bay or Door or Kewaunee County. We would love to see you again!
Mark & Karen


Tom…Thank you!! Your performance was great …as
usual!! Thank you for the encouragement and advise.
You make a lot of hearts smile !!! Bret, Frisk,
Mariah, and Noah.


Hi Tom!
My name is Rachel, we met in Siren, WI about 6 years ago. I am the elem. music teacher there and at the time we met my daughter, Hannah, was 5 months old or so. We have enjoyed your CDs and tapes that we purchased that day. In fact, they are family favorites. Recently, my daycare provider, Linda, saw you and Stuart perform in Stevens Point. Thankfully, she had you and Stuart sign your new CD for me. I have another daughter, age 3, and she knows all the end of the phrases and fun sound effects to the new songs. We play it in the van everywhere we go.
The reason I am writing is that I will be in Manitowoc at Silver Lake College for a Kodaly class and was wondering if you had any performances in the area in the next few weeks. I was hoping to find a calendar on your website. I couldn’t remember where you were based out of, but I new it was somewhere south. I was hoping I could bring the girls to a concert of yours so they could sing along with a live performance and watch you perform. I know they would enjoy it since they know all the words to your new material. Hannah really likes to rock out to “One word at a time.”
Linda, my daycare provider, thinks “Celebrate” is your best CD yet.
Thanks for your time! I hope we will get to see you perform!


Mr. Tom Pease,
You are wonderful!!! I took two of my children to the Manawa
library on Friday the 25th of June to see you for the first time. Every time we heard your name my husband would rave how good you were, because
when he was 20 years younger, he had seen you a number of times. So of course I had to see for my self. Of course once again he was right. (Our Secret). The only thing that he asked me about when we got home was, “Did you get a jaw harp?” He said Tom Pease did the jaw harp. Could you please send me a schedule of where you will be? I would love to bring my children and my husband to see you again. They would all be

Thanks again Tammy
P.S. My husband wants another Jaw Harp!


Hello Mr. Pease,
I took my children to see you last summer at the Amphitheater in Kimberly & they enjoyed your show so much. We bought a few of your cds & they have checked the others out from the library many times! I have always wanted to take them to see you perform since I remember you coming to my school in Winona, MN in 5th grade! Probably in about 1983. I think my friend still has her jaw harp!!
My son, Zack, remembers a song that you sang last summer about saying Good-bye to Kindergarten & Movin’ on to First Grade. He just finished kindergarten & has been telling me since last summer that he couldn’t wait to go to the Amphitheater this year so he could go on stage when you sing the song. We were so disappointed when we received the schedule & you weren’t on it. However, we do the Summer Reading Program at the Library in Kaukauna & will be coming to your performance there on July 13th. I know that you are unable to sing all of your wonderful songs, but he would just love to hear the Kindergarten song for him & his friend Asia who are both “movin’ on to First Grade”.
Thank you,



You are such a cool guy. Thank you for your kind words and your enthusiasm and most of all for sharing your amazing talents with our community this past weekend.

Your comments about community building and spirit are hugely reaffirming for me and others who have been on this journey for four plus years. How rewarding to have that kind of feedback. It makes us want to reach for more.

My family appreciates knowing you and having had the chance to have so much fun with your show and you personally. You helped us create some pretty special memories.

Let’s make this weekend the first of many fun times at the RME.

Take care,



P.S. Keep telling our story to your artist friends, and next time think about bringing your family down. We’d love to meet the inspiration behind your many tunes.

Hi Tom,
Summer is here, time to learn some more of your great songs.. and refresh the memory of some of the good old ones.
Same question as last year: When will you be in the Marinette, Menominee, Green Bay Area again? We’ve been practicing your songs in the car over and over and over and over….
Thanks for all the smiles you put on our kids!
Katrin and family


Hello! It’s Amy from the Fond du Lac School District (the mother of Ebony the Rabbit). Yippee!!! School is out. I’m looking to line up some fun things to do this summer, and am wondering if you have any concerts scheduled. We enjoyed your last show in Fond du Lac so much. We’ve been dancing to Celebrate for months. The kids at school would beg me to play it. They have since memorized the entire CD. When you get a chance please email me a few dates of concerts (that is if your not taking the summer off). I would love to bring my boys! Thanks!!

Hi, Tom,
We saw you today at the Appleton Public Library – and as always, you were great. Every time we see you I end up with tears of laughter rolling down my face. Thanks for sharing your great music and wonderful talent.
We were wondering if you could forward a schedule of your upcoming performances. We would love to see you again this summer – and my husband is anxious to see you perform, since he is usually working when the kids and I have an opportunity to see you. Hopefully you will be in the area a few more times this summer.
Thanks again for the incredible show!


I live in Tigerton and babysit in my home. When I was very young, 4 or 5 years old, I saw you perform at a family friends house. Then I saw you again a few years ago at the Whitewater Conference. I enjoyed dancing and singing along just as much as I did when I was a child.. I was trying to think of something fun for my children to do this summer. I thought of you. So I was wondering if you have any shows scheduled for this summer near Tigerton. I am just 20 minutes from Clintonville and 1 hour from Appleton. If you could give me any information I would really appreciate it.


Tom—I just want to say a big thanks to you for taking time last weekend to send me the music for Movin’ On to First Grade. It
was a lot of fun introducing our guitar player to a new genre of music. He was off and running after I gave him the chords. It
was pretty funny because at first I had my son play the melody on the piano and I sang along, making up the guitar riff.

My verse for Hoover was :

We sat in our streets
We brought birdthday treats
We always had a star of the day

We went to gym and art
We got really smart
We love to learn -hooray–hooray.

It was a lot of fun. Now this should give you a good laugh….when we were practicing, we showed Tony (the high school guitar
player) your CD and played a song for him. One of the kids (who has never seen you play before) said, “Is Tom Pease still alive?”
I thought you would get a kick out of that. You’re a legend in the making.

Thanks again Tom.

Janet, Teacher


Dear Mr. Pease:
My daughter and I watch your performance at the ELC in Sheboygan. (My son goes to school there.) Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it! I purchased your celebrate CD, and all my children love it. My older daughter in 1st grade had to bring the CD to sharing time one day. Well, my son’s teachers at the ELC commented how they don’t have the CD with the ant song. My son also really enjoyed that song also. Which CD has the ant song on it and how would I be able to purchase it for our collection as well as an end of the year gift for my son’s class? Thank you!
Julia, Parent


Tom Pease,
This is long overdue, but have been fighting colds, fevers, sinus
infection almost since your performance here two weeks ago! Too much Tom Pease? Naaaa!
A huge thank you from little Ryan (2 years old) for the Boogie Boogie CD for his birthday two weeks ago here at the Early Learning Center in Sheboygan. You REALLY didn’t have to do that! Just seeing your performance that day was enough to make his day extra special — even though he snoozed in his stroller for first couple songs.

We have been thoroughly enjoying your CDs — Adam always performing with guitar in hand — old favorites and now new favorites. And, little brother quick to follow big brothers lead. Too funny! The CDs certainly “satisfy” until we are able to see you again. Hope you will be at the Mead library again this summer so we can see you soon.

Thanks again!

Just some of your many fans,


Hello Tom-
Everyone had such positive things to say about the evening. I was
very pleased with how everything turned out. My children are playing your CD
over and over.
It was great meeting you.
Christine, Teacher


Good morning gentlemen!
My name is Mary, and I am not sure if you would remember me individually, but I just needed to extend my thanks to you for a wonderful performance at this year’s conference. It has been quite a long time since we have had a Keynote with such enthusiasm and excitement, as well as a positive influence on our profession.
I believe you added to the success of our event and helped motivate and add sunshine to our providers…..
Thanks again for everything and have a wonderful summer.


Hi Tom….
I also wanted to tell you that I talked to our principal yesterday after school, and she was very excited about you and she said to me, “I gave Tom’s brochures to the other elementary schools in Watertown and I told them, ‘You have to book this guy!!’ ” So, she was very pleased and excited about your performance as well.
I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to talk to you more after the performance. Our PTO meeting was important that night, as we were doing elections for new officers. I needed to be there because I was being nominated for President. (and after the voting, I am the new President for the 2004-2005 school year!) We’ll be looking to have you back again next year sometime. :-)
Have a good weekeend!


Just a quick note to tell you how fantastic your program was today. I was especially surprised that the new “younger moms” weren’t familiar with your music!!! They were VERY impressed!! I’m sure there will be a run to the Learning Shop … or your web site … tonight!! You have another generation to entertain!!

The evening program went well, but the kids (both the younger & older groups) were buzzing about your show. The 5th Graders have your “cool” sign language down to a fine art already! Thanks to you I am “very cool” because I was able to provide the “Belly Button” song from my own collection when we returned to the classroom!! If they are REAL GOOD tomorrow (smile) I promised them more “PEASE.” They WILL have to give me the pleading look, though!

I think I first heard you perform in Fremont … (20 Years ago????) Could it be possible??? It must have been VERY early in your career (my kids are 29 and 24 years old now), but I was impressed way back then AND they couldn’t get enough! They were “PEASED” out by the time they reached their teens, but now often treat nieces, nephews, and little friends to your performances.

Your upbeat music, humor, and heartwarming message has become even better with age!! I have been battling cancer for the past ten years. Your music has been my “Medicine for the Soul.” My original tapes are worn … but they still play!! Of course, I have upgraded to the CD’s now and am anxiously awaiting your next release!!

Thank you so much for sharing your unique and inspiring talent! It’s so refreshing to see ten year olds acting their age!! It’s also fun to be 50 and act like a ten year old!!!

Thank you again from … the “drafted” volunt


“Tom Pease is one of the finest children’s performers I have ever had perform at our library. His energy and humor draw in listeners of all ages, children and adults alike. Tom’s repertoire includes his own compositions, folk classics and a variety of multicultural songs. His song topics span the gamut from silly songs like “Bellybutton” to the touching, like his wonderful “Love Grows”. Tom likes to includes motions, sign language and Spanish into his shows, which has everyone’s brain working in
multiple ways. His shows are always fun but kids are likely to come away with a few new thoughts about the environm