Tour Schedule

Date Artist City Venue
08/06/18 Tom Pease Janesville, Minnesota Janesville Public Library
Time: 10:00am. Celebrating books, reading, children and libraries!
08/06/18 Tom Pease Le Center, MN Le Center Public Library
Time: 3:00pm. Celebrating reading and kids!
08/07/18 Tom Pease Waseca, MN Waseca Public Library
Time: 10:00am. Celebrating books, reading, kids and libraries!
08/07/18 Tom Pease Waldorf, MN Waldorf Public Library
Time: 3:00pm. Celebrate!
08/08/18 Tom Pease Green Bay, WI Brown County Public Library
2 shows: 10:00 and 1:30 Celebrating Summer Library program!
08/13/18 Tom Pease Nekoosa, WI Charles and JoAnn Lester Library
2 programs – 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM
08/14/18 Tom Pease Oshkosh, WI Oshkosh Public Library
Time: 6:30pm. To be held at The Paine Gardens, 1410 Algoma Blvd., Oshkosh, WI
08/15/18 Tom Pease Chilton, WI Chilton Public Library
Time: 10:30am. Celebrating reading!
08/15/18 Tom Pease Menasha, WI Menasha Public Library
Time: 1:30pm. Books, reading and song!
08/16/18 Tom Pease Eagle River, WI Chippewa Ranch Camp
Time: 6:30pm. Family Camp!!!…private show…
08/22/18 Tom Pease Amherst, WI Lettie Jensen Public Library
Time: 6:30pm. Celebrate with the hometown folks at our hometown library!!

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