Apple Pickin’ Time Lyrics

Apple pickin’ time in the morning
Apple peelin’ afternoon
Apple pie served in the evening
With a banjo pickin’ tune

Bring along your bucket – bring along your basket
Bring along your darling too
We’re gonna’ find some apple trees
Gonna’ pick ourselves a few

Singin’ while you’re walkin’ – singin’ while you’re talkin’
Singin’ an apple song
Singin’ and dancin’ – legs like branches
Pick and sing all day long


Climbin’ with a sack – branches scratchin’ your back
Branches scratchin’ you on your belly
Bruisin’ those apples – bouncin’ off your head
Gonna’ put ‘em in the jelly

You fill up your buckets and you fill up your baskets
And you fill up your socks and shoes
You stuff ‘em in your pockets and stuff ‘em in your jackets
‘Til you feel like an overstuffed goose


Words and Music; Tom Pease,
Peaseblossom Music copyright 1988
Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Jaw Harp: Tom
Fiddle: Pat
This one is for our neighbor, Eddie, who has always welcomed us to pick from his great wild apple trees on his land. Happy pickin’!