No Whine Zone Lyrics

Things got bad at our house
We couldn’t take it anymore
Complaining in the basement bellyachin’ on the second floor
The family got together and we had ourselves a vote
We made a sign with a big slash line
This is what we wrote:

No whining, no whining
Welcome to our home
It’s a no whine zone.

Next day watching tv one of my favorite shows
My sister jane grabbed the remote she would not let go
I called her a bad name she called me even worse
Dad came upstairs said “what’s going on?
I said “she did it back to me first?”

Dad said “no whining, no whining
Welcome to our home,
it”s a whine free zone”

We caught dad breaking the rule on Saturday
He came home real tired from all the golf he”d played
Dinner was frying the baby was crying
Mom looked like she’d lost it
She said “honey can you take the garbage out?
He said, “but I’m exhausted”

We said “no whining, no whining
Welcome to our home,
it”s a whine free zone”

Around our dinner table we may not be refined
But we had over seven weeks without being whined and dined.

After a while, talking so polite, lost its appeal
The family got together, decided we would rather
Get back to being real
We spelled it out without a doubt
When we could moan and cry
Now we only whine on the days of the week
That end with the letter Y

Oh, We’re whining, we’re whining
It’s a free whine zone

Welcome to our home ’cause
Nothing could be finer than to be a whiner in the middle of a no whine zone

© Stuart Stotts and Tom Pease 1994