I love this work of performing, educating and celebrating with children and their families. Although, it is arguable that my main job is driving, I feel so fortunate to earn a living doing something so dear to my heart.

In a day and age that we tend to sing less and less than those that came before, my greatest joy is singing with people and especially with children. Why children? Simply put, kids tend to like to sing. While most of us listen to music and watch a lot of performance, we directly participate much less. Singing together is healthy stuff for the heart and soul and, of course, singing is essential for brain development in children. I’m fascinated by the power of singing together. I’ve often heard folks comment on the “healing power” of singing together.

My philosophy on singing with kids and their families is I want to help that group find the feeling of community with song and laughter. I love celebrating the moment we’re in while remembering the past and future of the world around us. That “moment” is finding the unique things that are happening and celebrating them. I savor the spontaneity of a situation. In fact, it’s the life blood of my performances. It’s always been the best way for me to allow those magical moments of a child’s view of the world to appear.

I’m not really comfortable with the promotional aspect of my job. My gigs have come from “word-of-mouth” for the better part of my 30 year career as a children’s singer and thus I’ve become somewhat lazy about promoting my skills and goods.